Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bicycle Storage 101: Don't Forget These 4 Steps

Salisbury has more than its fair share of biking trails. From Bikemans training loop to Tea Tree Gully loop, these paths will test your endurance while stimulating your mind and body.

But during the winter, your bike doesn't see a lot of use. The heavy rains wash out your usual paths, and the chilly temperatures leave you snuggling indoors with a blanket and cocoa rather than adventuring outdoors with your helmet
and pads.

To save space in your garage, you decide to put your bike into a storage unit. But before you wheel in your Condor Flat Bar, take a few moments to prepare it for weeks (or months) of disuse.

1. Clean the Frame
Dirt, mud and caked-on debris will rust your bike's components. While you don't want to soak the frame with a garden hose (water will drip into hard-to-dry places), you do want to clean your bike from its handgrips to its treads.

To start, use a soft-bristled brush to knock away any dirt still clinging to the tyres. Then, use a slightly damp rag to wipe away any dust on the frame. As you clean, spend some extra time around your drive train-this area tends to accumulate a lot of grease and grime build-up.

When you've finished with the frame, feel free to apply ArmourAll or a similar product to the tyres, handgrips and saddle. This will protect the rubber and vinyl surfaces from UV radiation damage.

2. Lubricate the Chains and Cables
If you plan to keep your bike in a climate-controlled unit, you might not need to worry about this step. But in areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations, you'll want to lubricate the chains. The lubricant acts as a barrier against rust, and it will ensure you have a smoother ride come summer. Keep in mind that lubricant tends to attract dust and dirt, so you'll need only a few drops to keep your bike in good shape.

3. Protect the Tyres
Rubber tyres perform best when they can distribute the weight evenly. If left in the same position for too long, the weight of the frame will press into the rubber, resulting in distorted tyres or weak spots in the tyres' sidewalls. To avoid this problem, you'll want to fully inflate your tyres before storage. You can also suspend the bike from a hook in the wall or ceiling to shift the weight from the tyres to the frame.

If you want to further protect your tyres, remove them entirely and place them in a temperature-controlled area. Extreme cold makes the rubber brittle and more likely to crack. Extreme heat, on the other hand, makes the rubber expand, and in some cases, causes it to soften and melt.

Do not place your bike or your tyres in direct sunlight; UV rays can dry the tyre sidewalls until they split.

4. Remove Accessories
Extra accessories such as water bottles, baskets and saddle packs make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. But they also add a lot of pressure on the frame when you place your bike in storage. Furthermore, electronic devices
don't perform well after heat and cold exposure, so remove these gadgets and store them inside for the winter.

Enjoy a Smooth Ride
If you've followed these steps, your bike will survive its time in storage, whether you leave it in a unit for a few weeks or even a few months. Once the good weather returns, you'll have no problems removing your bike and hitting the
trails once more.

But if you notice any problems with your bike as you clean, lubricate and remove accessories, don't wait until spring to take it in for a tune-up. The longer these problems go unchecked, the more expensive your repairs will be.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Storing Old Clothes? 
Here's How to Protect Them from Damage

Seasonal clothing likely takes up a great deal of your closet space-and more often than not, these items go unused for months at a time. To preserve space for more important things, you might want to put these items into a storage unit, along with your other gear that you rarely use. However, storing clothing long-term requires more than tossing it into a box and dropping it off at a facility. To ensure your clothing comes out looking as good as it came in, use the following guide.

Tips to Prepare Your Clothing
Even if you haven't worn your winter sweater or string bikini for a while, launder these items before you pack them. Any dirt and stains on the clothing will eventually set into the fabric, and you'll have a much more difficult time removing the stains later. Additionally, the odors and oils in dirty clothing may attract insects and other pests. If left unchecked, these vermin may try to nibble through your boxes and eat your clothing. As you wash these items, be careful not to use starch, fabric softener or other strong-smelling agents on your clothing. The chemicals in these substances can also attract pests.

How to Pack Your Clothing
Clothing clean and free from strong smells? Good. You're now ready to pack your clothing.
If you plan to hang some of your items, opt for plastic or wooden hangers that will adequately hold their weight. Wire or metal hangers can warp the shape of your shirts and coats over time. And, depending on the humidity of your storage unit, they may also rust and stain your clothing. Place these items in a wardrobe box, complete with a hanging rod.

If you plan to fold your items, roll them up tightly instead to minimize creases. Do not store your clothing in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, as these bags limit air circulation and trap humidity in with your fabrics. Over time, mould and mildew will start to grow.

And do not store your clothing in cardboard boxes either. Most mice, insects and other pests can nibble their way through the material until they can access your clothes. So instead, place your clothing in a large plastic container lined with acid-free tissue paper and silica packets to absorb moisture.

To keep your clothing smelling fresh, do not pack your wardrobe or your containers with mothballs. Cedar blocks and lavender bags both do a better job at repelling pests without leaving chemical residues behind. And don't forget to label your boxes and containers when you've finished packing. A label allows you to quickly find specific items without having to unpack and repack every box. You may also wish to include the date you placed the box in storage, as well as any other useful facts about the contents of the container.

Where to Store Your Clothing
Now that you've prepped and packed your clothes, you're ready to place them into storage. If you've followed the guide so far, your clothes should stay relatively safe. For best results, you'll want to store your clothing in a dark, cool and dry environment. Temperature fluctuations and sunlight
exposure can damage fur, leather and other fabrics. Ideally, you'll want a unit that will stay between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius year round.

If you plan to store your clothes for over a year or more, take the time to periodically check in on your clothes' condition. With careful monitoring, you should be able to spot any cracks in the containers, insect infestations or mould growth before they severely damage your clothes.

Now that you've learned the proper way to store your clothes, keep checking our blog for more useful tips and techniques.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Honey, the house has shrunk!

Aren't’ Grandparents great!

For those of us lucky enough to still have them around, what an absolute blessing they are. They love to lend a helping hand with the kids especially when you need a baby sitter for that special evening of love and romance (sorry fellas). Or for that special celebratory occasion where there’s no ‘...and family’ on the invite.

Well, eventually, after many years of hard labour bringing up your kids, they grow up and leave the nest and begin spreading their wings. Although you’d never admit it your glad to finally have them out of your hair. Deep down it’s a huge relief on the finances, laundry & cramped lifestyle among other things. You and your better half can now enjoy your later years with some quality time alone.

Like your parents you’ll be happy to see your own Grand kids arrive and as Grandparents you’ll be more than happy to baby sit knowing that you only have them for short stints and then you get to give them back to mum and dad.

But life doesn't always turn out the way you hope. And instead of you being a Grandparent babysitting little darling grandchildren you find your own grown up kids coming back home to live with you after years of being out in the big bad world all on their own.  It’s been so long they have accrued all this stuff, having spent much of their hard earned cash accumulating furniture and the like trying to make their own little nest. And sometimes, just sometimes, they come back home with a little one of their own. And because you are the best mum and dad in the world and love your kids to bits (even though secretly you were happy to see them go) you welcome them home with open arms.

But what about all the stuff? All your storage space is used up hoarding your own heirlooms. You don’t want to sell the kids gear because you’ll never get what it’s worth and you’re absolutely certain that it wont be very long and they will be needing it again.  Your kids can’t’ stick around forever. So what on earth do you do with all the excess stuff in the interim. 

A friend offers to store it in their garage.  This works OK for a while but it rarely turns out well in the long term.  Your friend either ends up moving house or they need the storage space for their own kids who have decided to move back home as well.

I know it may seem obvious to some but it is amazing that only a very small percentage of the population are actually aware of the option of Self Storage. 

Self Storage 2000 is a family business so we understand family. We can help make this season of your life a little easier to cope with. There are numerous self storage unit sizes to choose from that will best suit your individual needs.

We wish the very best for you and your kids and if you need somewhere for storage of all that excess gear (the kids or your own) then just yell out.

Here’s to happy families J


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Friday, 21 June 2013

Oops! I forgot our anniversary :(

Don't you just hate it when you miss someone’s birthday, especially if that person happens to be your spouse. Or even worse a wedding anniversary. It is very hard to live it down. And, well, if it’s a milestone then forget it. So for those of us that have been guilty of this we want you to know that we are really, really sorry and it will never, ever, happen again. "Neither will our 25th wedding anniversary" I here you mutter. Ok, we asked for that. 

So why am I opening up this can of worms. No, I did not forget my 25th wedding anniversary. I did miss an anniversary however. And yes, it was a milestone. 

I dug back into Self Storage 2000's records and found that our very first storage customer came into out Salisbury Storage Facility back on the 29th March 1993. So on the 29th March 2013 we turned 20.

This Award Winning Storage Facility prides itself on Affordable, Secure, Convenient Self Storage with friendly service and is also a proud member of the Self Storage Association Of Australia.
Self Storage 2000 Salisbury
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When I got over the fact of missing our anniversary I began to reflect on the past 20 years of trading. Many businesses have done it tough especially over the last 6 years or so attributed mostly to the GFC. And things are still tough today. 

We would like to thank every single person that has come through our Storage Facilities over the years. Thank you for being, not only part of our success but, the reason for our success. Going forward we are thankful for each day and every opportunity we have to service another Storage customer.  Here's to another 20 years (+). 


PS Perhaps this post can be a reminder for us to check out the important dates, for the important people, in our lives.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Selecting A Storage Facility & Storage Unit Size

This article highlights the most important points to consider when selecting a Storage Facility and a Storage Unit size. A good Storage Facility will walk you through this process, so there is no need to stress.  However, it helps to know this information so that you keep us (and other Storage Facilities) on our toes.

Adelaide has a great number of storage facilities to choose from. Storage 2000 alone has 3 great sites across Adelaide covering the North, South, City & Western suburbs.  So how do you decide where to store and what storage unit size to use.

Let me say from the outset, I understand people have varying financial positions. $50 to some people is a lot of money & to others not so much. Having said that, it is important to keep extra fees and/or savings in perspective to your overall spend.

Generally speaking there is approximately a $5-$7 difference between one storage unit size and the next (EG for storage over 6 months, costing $1000+ the extra cost and/or saving equates to around $156)
But paying a little extra for a larger storage unit can make a world of difference in making your storage stay easy and stress free.  When compared to the overall cost, the difference in taking a larger storage unit may be relatively minor.

Similarly if you are shopping for storage price, keep in mind that a storage unit which varies by $2 per week (from one storage facility to another) is a consideration of $54 over a 6 month storage stay.

Let’s say your total storage cost over 6 months is around $1250 ($48 per week). Either paying and extra $54 or saving $54 for a storage unit is not the most important issue. Generally other factors deserve a much greater consideration when deciding on a storage facility and a storage unit size, such as convenience, easy access, cleanliness and helpful and friendly staff.

For example, one important consideration is having easy access to the goods in your storage unit.  A storage unit might be $2 cheaper per week but has awkward access which could mean more time, energy and stress storing your goods.  A removal company may take an extra hour or two to place the goods inside the storage unit which means any cost saving you thought you were getting is lost.  However, if the storage facility or storage unit you have chosen has greater convenience because of location, or storing goods on the second floor gives you greater security and peace of mind then it may well be worth it.

We are all different and have varying expectations.  This is why visiting a Storage Facility, speaking with the staff and seeing the storage unit first hand can really help you make the best decision.  I normally say to customers, "when you walk into a storage place your gut tells you if it’s the right place for you".  But if your thinking only of the $2 saving per week it could cloud your judgement.

So you have chosen a Storage Facility. Now which storage unit is the best size for you. Consider these factors before deciding.

1.      Firstly, what size storage unit will actually fit my goods.  We have some helpful ways of working this out. You can use our easy on-line storage space estimator at Or email us a written list of the items you are putting into the storage unit and let us work it out for you.  Lastly you can book the storage unit size you think is right then once your goods arrive on a removal van we can work out the best size storage unit on the day of move in. This way we can give you best value for money.

2.       You may want to squeeze your goods in to the smallest storage unit possible or, conversely, have extra storage space to tinker with your goods during your stay.  Consider also these factors. How long will your self storage stay be? What is your overall cost consideration? And what is your budget? Use the answer to these questions to make your final decision.

3.       A good self storage facility will take you through the process.  They will explain all the storage unit cost options and the pros and cons.  Although it may seem daunting it does not need to be.

4.       Finally. It’s not final.  At any time during your stay you can change the size of storage unit.  You may find that you have to much storage space in your storage unit and are paying extra for no benefit.  You may decide to take some goods out and so you don’t require that much storage space any more.  A good storage facility will make it easy for you to change at any point during your stay.

Hopefully this information will help you when it comes time to store your goods.  

If you would like information on pricing you can go to our website which advertises all our storage unit prices for all our units at each of our facilities.  Of course you are also welcome to call our helpful storage consultants with any questions or even better, pop in and see us first hand. Click on this link to check out where our Storage Facilities are located

I hope you have a great day.

Regards Sam

Friday, 2 November 2012

Writing About Self Storage - Personally Speaking

Somehow writing things down to convey the simplest of information can become very wordy and often more complicated than it ought to be.  Try writing down instructions for the most simplest of task (like making a simple paper plane) and although it may seem obvious to you when you read it back, someone else will process things very differently and the instructions you gave are not so instructing after all.

Thinking back I should have tried harder in English at school. I reckon being a writer would be cool.  All these years on and my writing outlet is a Self Storage Blog.  Self Storage is not the most engaging topic but an outlet nevertheless.

So I‘ve been thinking, what can you possibly say about Self Storage that is interesting. I mean, Self Storage Units are a great idea, they have great uses and really do serve a purpose, but writing about them? Hmmm!.  I have read many a Self Storage article and the information is basic and the manner of writing very bland.

I thought maybe I could find a funny quote on Self Storage. Like ‘Self Storage,’ Hmmm, “I wonder if my ego could fit in just one storage unit”. I mean, it’s only just OK. I know there are plenty of funny stories of Storage Customers talking with Storage Sales People, but the customer comes off looking really stupid.  And, well I am trying to sell Storage Space not scare customers away.  Then I thought maybe some interesting facts, like, first ever storage unit.  So I did my Google searches but the most interesting thing I could find is that there is evidence that self storage was used in ancient China, but it only really came to the fore in America in the 1960’s.

I did find some interesting jokes like this one. Sitting down having breakfast the husband says to his wife, “do me a favour babe, can you sell my stuff in storage when I pass away?”. “Sure honey, but why?” responds the wife. “Because I’d hate for some jerk to use my stuff!”. To which the wife responds: “Oh that will never happen, I promise to never marry a jerk again!”. Passable?

As it turns out Self Storage is not the easiest topic to get people excited about but I hope to at least be informative and not state the obvious.  Keeping in mind that when someone is an expert on a topic what is overtly obvious to them may not be to the lay person. And yes even when it comes to Self Storage. So therein lies the Dilemma and the challenge.  So hopefully you find the articles in this Self Storage Blog helpful & informative and maybe even a little bit interesting.

Look out for the next Self Storage Post on Selecting a Storage Facility & Storage Unit Size

Happy reading.

You deserve a great day!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Self Storage 2000 Testimonials

Here are a some customer testimonials after they have used our Self Storage 2000 facilities.

1          June 2012

Hi Lee

Please pass on my thanks to everyone concerned at Storage 2000. You are a great bunch of people. You, especially, have been great Lee. Thank you, again. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


2          May 2012

Dear Lee,
Thank You for the use of unit  1004,
We have now finished using this unit, as at the 31/05/2012,
But we will be utilising your facility once again as the need arises.


3          May 2012

Hi Lee,

Thank you for the information.

FYI, Storage 2000 has been THE  BEST storage that we have so far. We have warehouses everywhere and nothing of them could provide services like you/Storage 2000 does (rubbish removal, unloading, pack up, etc). So, definitely we will use Storage 2000 if we have more projects in the future and will recommend your place to our colleagues.

Thank you very much for your help

Kind regards,

Alvin L.
Excel Group

4          May 2012
Hi Lee and Team,

I hope this email finds you well.

Storage 2000’s professionalism for storage is second to none and if we are in need of a storage solution in the future we will be back.

I will be in contact in the near future to organise the stock currently at Storage 2000, however if anything further is required please let me know. 


Brett L.
CMC Property Services

Regards Sam