Friday, 2 November 2012

Writing About Self Storage - Personally Speaking

Somehow writing things down to convey the simplest of information can become very wordy and often more complicated than it ought to be.  Try writing down instructions for the most simplest of task (like making a simple paper plane) and although it may seem obvious to you when you read it back, someone else will process things very differently and the instructions you gave are not so instructing after all.

Thinking back I should have tried harder in English at school. I reckon being a writer would be cool.  All these years on and my writing outlet is a Self Storage Blog.  Self Storage is not the most engaging topic but an outlet nevertheless.

So I‘ve been thinking, what can you possibly say about Self Storage that is interesting. I mean, Self Storage Units are a great idea, they have great uses and really do serve a purpose, but writing about them? Hmmm!.  I have read many a Self Storage article and the information is basic and the manner of writing very bland.

I thought maybe I could find a funny quote on Self Storage. Like ‘Self Storage,’ Hmmm, “I wonder if my ego could fit in just one storage unit”. I mean, it’s only just OK. I know there are plenty of funny stories of Storage Customers talking with Storage Sales People, but the customer comes off looking really stupid.  And, well I am trying to sell Storage Space not scare customers away.  Then I thought maybe some interesting facts, like, first ever storage unit.  So I did my Google searches but the most interesting thing I could find is that there is evidence that self storage was used in ancient China, but it only really came to the fore in America in the 1960’s.

I did find some interesting jokes like this one. Sitting down having breakfast the husband says to his wife, “do me a favour babe, can you sell my stuff in storage when I pass away?”. “Sure honey, but why?” responds the wife. “Because I’d hate for some jerk to use my stuff!”. To which the wife responds: “Oh that will never happen, I promise to never marry a jerk again!”. Passable?

As it turns out Self Storage is not the easiest topic to get people excited about but I hope to at least be informative and not state the obvious.  Keeping in mind that when someone is an expert on a topic what is overtly obvious to them may not be to the lay person. And yes even when it comes to Self Storage. So therein lies the Dilemma and the challenge.  So hopefully you find the articles in this Self Storage Blog helpful & informative and maybe even a little bit interesting.

Look out for the next Self Storage Post on Selecting a Storage Facility & Storage Unit Size

Happy reading.

You deserve a great day!



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